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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Introducing Tenshi-Oni 天使鬼

Finally, after all these years "Project Fumi", the backstory to the Chuck's Anime Shrine mascots has a name!  That name is, Tenshi-Oni.  Back in 2003...well... I think you heard the story, but in short Fumi is able to transform into both an Angel and Demon form.  It took so long but as we speak, I'm in the middle of creating an iPhone game revolving around Fumi and the other mascots, Lily and Yumi as well.  Also, Danielle and I are planning an official manga about them.  In the game, I'll keep things simple but the manga will have more in-depth story with Fumi's angel and demon forms actually being the souls of two different girls who have a backstory to the shrine and the mysterious plush doll that gives Fumi her powers.

To show how serious I am this time about the project, I've gone ahead and bought the website tenshioni.com, from there (and here of course ^^;;) you can see all the latest news about the game/manga/etc.

Also, as you see, thanks to Kenneos, I have an amazing banner for the story and now official name (which is being trademarked too as we speak).  Not only that, she helped me revamp my old cafepress shop

Ok, now here's where this news is good for you....

Though I am copyrighting, trademarking and all that legal mumbo-jumbo for this project... I've always been a fan of what makes anime fandom work.  As you might know all of the contests as of late have been related to Tenshi-Oni.  (Actually there's one right now for Madoka figures)  I'm not one to jump somebody for fan-fiction, fan art, etc like some other anime/game creators might.

...actually, I want you guys to make money from it.  How? Well, if any of you want, I can make a section in the cafepress shop that features any fan art you do for Fumi and the other mascots.  Not only will I display, blog, tweet,etc about your work...with your permission, I'll put them on products in the cafepress shop and you will make 50% off any profits on any sales of those said items.  Granted, the cafepress site has some catchup work to do in traffic compared to the anime figure section of my store but I though this would be a way to pay back anime fans who enjoy drawing our mascots ^_^  More info in a future post hopefully on this but if you are interested, email me and I can go over the details and answer any questions.

Another contest:

To kickoff this announcement of Tenshi-Oni, thought I'd add another contest to the current one.

As some of you know, my store also sells Korean Dramas...well thank's to the good people over at YA Entertainment, they wanted to give a lucky fan of this site, a FREE DVD set of the anime-based drama Mischievous Kiss.

To win this DVD, it's real simple...just make ANY fan art of Fumi, her forms and maybe even the other mascots added too...just make sure it's Fumi and her forms at the very least.  The winner will get their own copy of Mischievous Kiss ^_^  No size restrictions, etc..just make an image of Fumi and her forms and the title, Tenshi-Oni in your image, sprite(s), or banner.

Deadline: October 31 2011  Email me your submission(s) here

(note: I know "Oni" sometimes means "ogre" more than "demon" but they are usually interchangeable)

This long post in short (tl;dr ver):

  • Official name to Project Fumi.. Tenshi-Oni
  • New website for the project, Tenshioni.com
  • Make money with my cafepress shop by making fan art
  • Another contest: make a Tenshi-Oni fan art image, sprite or banner for a FREE copy of Mischievous Kiss

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