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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sushipedia - Sushi Lover's iPhone App

I'm a major sushi lover and I'd bet most of you are.  This wonderful iPhone app is an encyclopedia of sushi.  Sushi is very varied category of food and caters to those who either are vegetarians/vegan (sweet potato roll, avocado roll, etc), those who are fish lovers of course, those who like something fried (shrimp tempura roll) and even those who want to cheat death by eating the deadly Fugu Fish x_x

Though I tend to poke fun at the disfunction that is Eastern Long Island, there have been a number of really good sushi places popping up in recent time and this app lets me have a nice detailed view, history and description of what each type of sushi is before I shell out the $ at these places.  There is even a place called Sushi Park about 10 miles away from my house that is an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet that will only run you about $15 a person ^^.  This app keeps me hungry for those wonderful maki rolls, which is better than being hungry for a fastfood burger ^^;;  The app is call Sushipedia and is free so check it out.

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