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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Marvel and Madhouse

Looks like the success of Madhouse's Batman collaboration they did with a bunch of other anime studios opened the door to more western comic transformations. As of recent Anime News Network information, the studio we know fondly for their work with Vampire Hunter D, Death Note and The Final Fantasy VII Last Order anime will be working with Marvel on 4 different heros. Of the 4 only Iron Man was noted but many do believe that Spider-Man and some X-men might be a part of this as well. I bet this will open up many otaku to some American heros which i guess could be good. Any time you take something American (be it art, stories, cars, technology, science.......) and hand it to our dear friends from the land of the rising sun, you can always expect it to turn out 10X better than what we can do here. Unfortunalty the opposite happens in reverse. Just look at the recent Speed Racer animated show here and you'd simply lose hope in all western cartooning ~_~. Anyways, this is great news and for once I might actualy watch a Marvel super-hero outside of the good movies as of late.

-picture above is from a random search for an anime-style Iron-Man

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